Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Salmon is live in our regular store and more details about how our Salmon is harvested below.

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Salmon Details!

We have fresh-frozen Coho Salmon and Smoked King Salmon. All of our Salmon is Wild-caught by our cousin Sam Haughey and his family in the pristine waters of Kodiak Island, Alaska. The Haughey Family lives in Texas and travels to Alaska every summer for the fishing season.

Scroll down for details on this years sale below, but first here is some info on how this Salmon is harvested.

All of our salmon are 100% natural, sustainably harvested and pure.

Alaska is thousands of miles away from large sources of pollution that can contaminate the human food supply in other parts of the world. These distances, combined with the earth’s patterns of circulation of water and air, help to ensure that Alaska’s waters are among the cleanest in the world. Alaska’s marine habitats are extremely clean, and Alaskan salmon is pure and remarkably free of contamination by pesticides, petroleum derivatives, PCBs, metals, and bacteria. On September 5, 2000, the first United States fishery and the world's largest - the Alaska Salmon Fishery - was certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as well managed and sustainable. The recognition was given due to the good stewardship of Alaska, its processors and fisherman in managing its resources for sustainable yield.

The salmon season coincides with the return of salmon to their spawning streams, but before fishing is opened, state biologists make sure ample numbers have already passed upstream to lay eggs. A variety of methods are used to ensure ample escapement. One of those methods is stationing state fishery workers in towers above the water to count individual salmon as they swim up current. When biologists ascertain that the quota for a particular run has escaped, word goes out by radio to netsetters and boats. This way in-season harvest decisions are made on local rivers by personnel who know the fishery best.

Salmon life cycle: Born in Alaska’s cold coastal and interior rivers, wild salmon swim to the open Pacific Ocean to mature and then return to their native waters to spawn. An anadromous animal, the Pacific salmon breeds and spends varying portions of its life in fresh water, then travels to the ocean to feed until maturity. As salmon migrate through the cool, pristine waters of Alaska, they receive nourishment from their natural surroundings. During their time in the ocean, sockeye salmon feed primarily on plankton and crustaceans such as tiny shrimp, while coho and king salmon eat smaller fish, squid, and other tasty things. The salmon do not feed when they go up-stream to spawn. Our salmon are “bay-caught” while they are still feeding.

So Details for this year!

2019, Our Coho Salmon this year is boneless and vacuum sealed in near half pound packages. No chemicals or other ingredients are ever added.
Smoked King Salmon is sold in packages that are mostly 4 to 6 ounces. The King Salmon is wet brined seasoned with Garlic and then low-temperature smoked over Alder wood and Apple wood. Just thaw it out and it is ready to eat.

Kodiak Island Alaskan Salmon

Sale Wild Caught Alaskan Coho Salmon Filet
Wild Caught Alaskan Coho Salmon Filet
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Sale Wild Caught SMOKED Alaskan King Salmon
Wild Caught SMOKED Alaskan King Salmon
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